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Covid-19 Corner

Here you will find links to all of the recent guidance related to the COVID-19 virus and swimming in the UK

Return to swimming - general documents


Facility poster

Land training guidance under new social distancing

Advice on returning to swimming following COVID-19

Risk Assessments for Clubs  - Template

Risk Assessments Aquatics - Template


Training Venue athlete/staff member temperature assessment 

Pre-Training Covid-19 Health Screen

ELSC - Covid-19 guidance for swimming clubs

Return to training declaration form

Health survey

Privacy Policy  - please read when downloading the Health survey

Risk Assessment  - outside land training

Trialist Health Declaration

Covid Training Schedule April 2021

Training Schedule

Return to swimming venue by venue

Risk Assessment - Eric Liddell pool

Risk Assessment - Crystal Palace Sports Centre

Risk Assessment - Bromley High

Risk Assessment - The Spa

Risk Assessment - St. Joseph's College Pool

Risk Assessment - Biggin Hill

Return to Training guidance  - Trinity School

Return to Training guidance - St Joseph's College Pool

Return to Training guidance - Crystal Palace

Return to Training guidance - Bromley High

Return to Training guidance - The Spa

Return to Training guidance - Eric Liddell Pool

Return to Training guidance - Biggin Hill

Covid officers certification

Covid Certificate - Jo Wilson

Covid Certificate - Sharon McSpadden