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Kent Junior League


One of only a few team events, Kent Junior League is one of the highlights in the swimming calendar.  It is a league competition for 9-13 year olds and Beckenham have a proud history in this event having won it more times than any other club.  Our most recent win was 2018.  

Teams come from across Kent competing in three separate rounds - May, September and November.  As this is a team event, points are won throughout the competition - six points for a win, through to one for sixth place and gala point gained for the overall position at the end of the gala.  All points are added over the three rounds resulting in an overall winner.  This is a hotly contested competition!

The age groups start at 9/10 through to 13 years old and it is based on age at the end of the year. If selected, swimmers will receive an email from our KJL rep a few weeks prior to the gala. Responses will be expected to confirm availability and whether a space will be required on the coach.  Generally the Club’s fastest swimmers will be selected for each of the four age groups.  Beckenham is currently in Division 1. 


2018:   9th June, 8th Sept and 17th Nov

2019:   8th June, 14th Sept and 16th Nov

2020:   6th June, 12th Sept and 21st Nov

Venues are yet to be decided, and our KJL rep will be in touch closer to each event to give further details.  

Note: Swimmers will not usually know which events they will be swimming in until the actual event and times in the KJL are not “official” e.g. they don’t go on the ASA rankings as they aren’t fully licensed.