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Our Coaches

Our coaches are a dedicated team of professionals who are down at one of our training pools day in day out....and at some very early hours!

The team is led by Tony Beckley who has been a world class programme coach for the past five years and is part of the British Swimming select coaches group. Tony has coached swimmers at the US Nationals; World Cup meets; the Mare Nostrum tour; the Chinese Nationals; the World Youth Games; and the European Junior Championships.

Our coaches work with the swimmers and contact is made through them via the Squad Reps which is why we put an emphasis on knowing your Squad Rep.

The team are listed below.


Head Coach - Tony Beckley

Performance 1 Squad

Coach - Fearn Cook

Performance 2 Squad

Coach - Di Manley

Performance 3 Squad

Coach - Kym Tamplin

Silver Squad

Coach - Michelle Atkinson

Bronze Squad, white 1 & Development 2






Coach - Grace Langley

Blue, Club, White 3, White 2 & Fitness

Coach - Holly Cross

Blue, Club, White 3, White 2 & Fitness


Coaches - Ellen & Jo 

Tadpoles & Development 1