2018/2019 Season - Short Course

October 2018 National Arena League London Premier Division - Round 1

2017/2018 Season - Long Course 

July 2018 Northampton Summer Festival - CWSC Results

May 2018 London Region Summer Championships- CWSC Results

March 2018 Beckenham Easter International Open - CWSC Results

March 2018 Rushmoor L1 Spring National Qualifier Meet - CWSC Results

March 2018 Wycombe Premier Meet - CWSC Results

March 2018 FFN Golden Lanes with Team Middlesex- CWSC Results

February 2018 Team Bath Open Meet at Bristol- CWSC Results

January 2018 Middlesex Youth County Champs- CWSC Results

January 2018 Flanders Cup International Meet- CWSC Results

November 2017 London Region Winter Champs- CWSC Results

October 2017 Lincoln Vulcans Open Meet- CWSC Results

2017/2018 Season - Short Course 

July 2018 Black Swan Summer Meet

June 2018 Club Championships

May 2018 Latymer Time Trials

April 2018 Red to Blue Hats development meet results

March 2018 Middlesex Development Meet

March 2018 Latymer Time Trials

February 2018 Ealing Regional Qualifiers- CWSC Results

Jan/Feb 2018 Middlesex Age Group County Champs- CWSC Results

December 2017 Hillingdon Winter Open Meet- CWSC Results

December 2017 National Arena League London Premier Division Final- CWSC Results

December 2017 Ealing Xmas Meet- CWSC Results

December 2017 Guildford County Qualifier - CWSC Results

November 2017 Hitchin Open - CWSC Results

November 19, 2017 Latymer time trials

November 2017 BSC Winter Club Champs- CWSC Results

November 2017 National Arena League London Premier Division - Round 2

November 5, 2017 Latymer time trials

October 2017 County Distance Development Meet- CWSC Results

October 2017 National Arena League London Premier Division - Round 1

October 2017 Cambridge Grand Prix- CWSC Results

2016/2017 Season - Long Course 

August 2017 English Summer Champs- CWSC Results

July 2017 British Summer Champs- CWSC Results

July 2017 RTSC End of Season Meet at LAC- CWSC Results

July 2017 BWFSC Level 3 at the LAC- CWSC Results

June 2017 Hillingdon Summer Open Meet- CWSC Results

June 2017 Crawley Summer Splash- CWSC Results

May 2017 London May Open Meet- CWSC Results

May 2017 London Region Age Group Champs- Full CWSC Results

May 2017 Basildon Open Level 1 Meet- CWSC Results

April 2017 London Region Youth Championships- CWSC Results

April 2017 Middlesex Spring Development- CWSC Results

April 2017 National B Final, Arena League 2016/2017- CWSC Results

March 2017 Middlesex Level 1 Open at the LAC- CWSC Results 

March 2017 ESSA Inter-Divisional Champs- CWSC Results

March 2017 Wycombe LC Premier Meet- CWSC Results

Feb 2017 Ealing Level 3 Open Meet- CWSC Results

Jan/Feb 2017 Middlesex County Age Group Champs- Full CWSC Results

Jan 2017 Burns Open Meet- CWSC Results

Jan 2017 London Swimming Amiens Meet- CWSC Results

2016/2017 Season - Short Course 

Dec 2016 Basildon Level 3 Winter Meet- CWSC Results

Dec 2016 Hillingdon Winter Meet- CWSC Results

Dec 2016 ASA Winter Championships- CWSC Results

Dec 2016 National Arena League London Premier Division Final- CWSC Results

Dec 2016 Ealing Xmas Open Meet- CWSC Results

Nov 2016 Aqua Sulis Grand Prix at Bristol- CWSC Results

Nov 2016 Hoddesdon Open Meet- CWSC Results

Nov 2016 CWSC Meet at the KLC- All Results

Nov 2016 National Arena League Rnd 2 London Premier Division- CWSC Results

Nov 2016 London Winter Champs- CWSC Results

Oct 2016 Basildon Sprints- CWSC Results

Oct 2016 National Arena League Rnd 1 London Premier Division- CWSC Results

Oct 2016 Winter County Development Meet- CWSC Results

Oct 2016 Barnet Novices- CWSC Results

Oct 2016 Cambridge Grand Prix- CWSC Results

2015-2016 Season - Long Course 

July 2016 ASA English Summer Meet- CWSC Results

July 216 British Summer Championships- CWSC Results

July 2016 Irish Age Groups and Summer Open Meet- CWSC Results

July 2016 BWFSC Summer Meet at the LAC- CWSC Results

June 2016 TD Open Meet at Bristol- CWSC Results

May 2016 London Last Chance National Qualifier- CWSC Results

May 2016 Middlesex Long Course Open Meet- CWSC Results

May 2016 London AG Championships- Full CWSC Results

April 2016 LSSA Championships- CWSC Results

April 2016 Middlesex County Spring Development Meet- CWSC Results

April 2016 Cambridge Open Meet- CWSC Results

April 2016 London Youth Region Champs- CWSC Results 

March 2016 Rushmoor Open Meet- CWSC Results

March 2016 Southampton Open Meet- CWSC Results

February 2016 Ealing Open Meet- CWSC Results

February 2016 Derventio Excel Open Meet- CWSC Results

January 2016 Middlesex County Championships- Results for all sessions

2015-2016 Season - Short Course 

December 2015 ASA Winter Nationals Championships- CWSC Results

December 2015 Hillingdon Xmas Meet- CWSC Results

December 2015 Basildon Xmas Meet- CWSC Results

December 12th, 2015 Arena League London Premier Division Final- CWSC Results

December 5th, 2015 Crawley Xmas Gala- CWSC Results

November 29th, 2015 CWSC Club Gala- CWSC Results

November 2015 Leicester Open Meet- CWSC Results

November 2015 National Arena League Round 2- CWSC Results (3rd place)

Nov 2015 London Region Winter Champs- CWSC Results

Oct/Nov 2015 Ealing Halloween Open Meet- CWSC Results

October 2015 Luton Open Meet- CWSC Results

October 2015 Cambridge Grand Prix- CWSC Results

October 2015 Middlesex County Development- CWSC Results

October 2015 National Arena League Round 1- CWSC Results (3rd place)

Summer 2015 Competitions

June 2015 Darmstadt International Meet- CWSC Results

July 2015 Hatfield Summer Spectacular- CWSC Results

July 2015 Luton 2 Fast 2 Furious- CWSC Results

British Swimming 2015 Summer Championships- CWSC Results

2015 ASA English Summer Championships- CWSC Results