Swimmers can join CWSC at any level from the Pre-Competitive Squads all the way through to the Performance Squads as spaces become available. The Club takes children from the age of four upwards.

The next new member assessment will take place on Saturday 28 March 2019, 5.30 to 7.30 pm, at the Queen Mother Sports Centre. To register please click here.

Swimmers joining from another ASA club or foreign equivalent, please contact Lisa Bates, our Director of Swimming, on  directorofswimming@cwswimming.com


Joining Policy

As a Club, CWSC has an ethos of competition. We look to offer membership to swimmers that show the greatest aptitude to competitive swimming.

Under normal circumstances CWSC has more demand for membership places than the Club is able to satisfy. However, spaces do become available as members gain promotion through the squads, or as members leave the Club.

CWSC will invite swimmers interested in joining the Club to an assessment day. These will be approximately once a term. Our coaches will grade the swimmers on the basis of age and ability. The Club then selects the best swimmers meeting the minimum entry standard up to the maximum number of available places. A few weeks before each assessment, the date, time and location of each assessment will be posted on the website.

The Club is not obliged to extend membership to any potential swimmer yet we maintain a strict equality policy which conforms to the ASA policy. If, at an assessment, the coaches judge that swimmers do not meet the minimum criteria, then CWSC is not obliged to fill the available places. If a swimmer is not offered membership, our coaches will attempt to provide feedback. Swimmers that are not offered membership are invited to attend future assessments.

Parents and new swimmers should be aware that for their child to be successful in being offered membership, it is likely that they already will be swimming on a regular basis.

Questions regarding the membership process and schedule are invited to email membership@cwswimming.com. Swimmers who already are competing should provide their ASA number and current official times. Any parent or swimmer that wants feedback or to make a complaint in relation to the joining process can email the Club Secretary at secretary@cwswimming.com.

If you are from another ASA club and wish to join us, please contact:  directorofswimming@cwswimming.com

Swimmer's Financial Support

As a result of fundraising activities, the Club is in a position to offer a small number of means-tested bursaries. If you would like more information please email the Club at bursary@cwswimming.com or download the Bursary Application Form.