The fee structure for each squad can be found here:  Club Subscriptions

If club subscriptions remain outstanding for more than 30 days members may be suspended.  Members whose subscription is more than 60 days overdue shall be deemed to have resigned and their membership will be permanently terminated. The Club may report members with overdue balances to Swim England, which would affect members' ability to join a new club.

Information regarding swimmer support and bursaries can be found in the CWSC Bursary Policy.

Fees are charged to a payment card that should be added to member's account by taking the following steps:  

  • On our website, please sign in to your account
  • Once logged in click on My Account
  • Then either Payment Setup or Setup Auto Pay
  • Click the Add New button
  • Enter your card and billing information and click Next
  • Keep both options – Use for Fees and On Demand Payments checked and click Save

For questions about payment setup, please contact [email protected]

Meet entry fees will be invoiced to your account. A small admin fee will be added to each swimmers account to cover coaches passes etc. If a meet requires team travel, you will be emailed to confirm that you wish to be included in the arrangements. The costs will be invoiced to your account. Any costs associated with the coaches/team manager's travel will be divided between swimmers who have taken part in the meet, regardless of whether they travelled with the team or not.

Once you are entered for a meet, there are generally no refunds. One exception is on medical grounds. Some meet operators have a policy where if you do not show for a race you have entered, you will be issued with a fine. The fine is often doubled for missing a final. Any fines issued to the club for failure to turn up to a race with no notice will be charged to your account. If you know in advance and certainly before withdrawals close on the day you may usually withdraw with no fine being issued.