Chelsea and Westminster Swimming Club (‘CWSC’ or ‘the Club’) was formed in 2010 from the merger of the Chelsea & Kensington Swimming Club and the Westminster Borough Swim Squad. It is one of the largest clubs in Central London, with over 500 swimming members using pools across Kensington, Chelsea, Westminster and Hammersmith. The Club provides swimming coaching for children aged 4 years upwards at all levels of competitive ability. 

The Club acts in accordance with the Laws and Technical Rules of the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA), which incorporates Child Protection regulation and code of conduct for our instructors, coaches and teachers, among other issues.  The Club has achieved the Swim21 accreditation along with Sport England’s Club Mark.  The ASA is the governing body for the sport in England. Find out more about it at


The Club is managed by an Executive (integrating a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and the Treasurer) and a Committee (comprising the Executive plus the Welfare Officer and at least two and up to four other elected members).

The nature of the Club is shaped by two main characteristics: competition and volunteering. The primary goal of the Club is to teach and coach members to compete in swimming galas at club, county and national competitive level on a not-for profit basis.


Teaching, Development, Silver/Gold and Performance – these are the main squad groups.  The teaching squads are Red, Yellow, Orange, and Blue.  The Development squads are Black and Advanced Development.  Silver and Gold squads are for competitive swimmers who need scheduling flexibility, or who are working on their swimming ability to gain entry to the Advanced Development or Performance Squads.  Performance squads are for those swimmers who demonstrate dedication and excellence beyond the other squads.  In addition, the Green Squad exists to ‘bridge the gap’ for older swimmers (age 8+) who may lack formal training but show sufficient potential and enthusiasm. This squad provides intensive coaching to help these swimmers reach the level required to move to other squads. More information on each squad and the training schedules can be found under the SQUADS tab on our website.


The website ( can answer most questions you have about the Club and is divided into various sections.  You are invited to review the website and all the sections on a regular basis as it is a comprehensive source of guidance about all aspects of the Club.  This is also where you can manage your account details and register for club events and swimming competitions.  Should you have any questions as to how to manage the website, please click the CONTACT US button on the left hand side of the website.

In addition to the website, weekly and termly newsletters are emailed to Club members.  And in cases of emergencies or Club updates between newsletters, email communication or texts are used to reach Club members with news of events and developments of importance.  For all of this communication to work, it is very important that you keep your account information up to date.


For swimmers who are aged 9 and over, you will also receive regular emails from CWSC and the senior coaching team, inviting your swimmer to participate at any specific gala, normally taking place at weekends. You need to reply back by completing the registration form which is part of the link/email, within the given time limit, stating the days and events your swimmer would like to enter. If unsure about ability, number of events, or even practical matters such as location, pool facilities, required equipment, you may use the question/message field on the form to get in touch with your coach or even the head coach who will be able to assist you.  In addition, maps of many of the facilities where competitions are held are also available on the website.  Further advice can be found under COACHES’ TIPS on the website.  This is a submenu under MEMBER INFO.

During meets is essential that all swimmers wear CWSC kit (swim cap, t-shirt/sweatshirt) when poolside. This is for your child’s safety and security as it helps the coaches identify club members. For questions about purchasing kit please email


A joining fee is paid when the new member is accepted by the club. From then onwards, a monthly fee is paid on the 1st of each month by direct debit. The same procedure is used to charge gala fees. Monthly fees are used to pay for the ongoing costs of coaches and pool time.  When attending galas, you are expected to make your own arrangements in terms of transport and/or accommodation.  Invoices on incurred or pending charges are sent via email.

Please be aware that the Club runs for the entire year with the exception of those bank holidays when the pools where it operates are closed. During school holidays, there may be some changes to the training schedule which will be detailed on the website.  If you are in London during those periods, it’s worthwhile checking the website for the holiday calendar.

For further information on the Club’s administrative procedures and policies, please do take a look at the MEMBER INFO tab.


There will be also many opportunities to get together with other fellow swimmers, parents and staff at the Summer picnic, the Club Championships, squad socials and other events.  The chances to help out are many throughout the year and to fit every skill and time availability. So, do please step forward: we want to meet you and make you feel comfortable at CWSC!