Season Starter Camp in Mallorca Reinforces Club Talent

Kicking off the first week of the season in style, Coaches organised a 'season starter' camp for  Performance squad swimmers  in Mallorca at the highly reputable BEST Centre.
All pool sessions were intensively skill focussed and cross training on land varied between kayaking and walking. The beautiful setting in the area of Colonia Sant Jordi really enhanced all cross training activities - a safe, warm and fun environment.
The pool sessions lead to the swimmers receiving 1-2-1 video analysis and feedback. All strokes and turns were addressed as well as discussions around skill, training process and lifestyle. The focus of all swimmers was incredible and it left staff (and swimmers) extremely positive looking forward to this season.
CWSC is committed to providing the very best technical sessions to its swimmers and the season starter camp emphasised the level of detail and knowledge of our International representative coaches. It's going to be exciting to watch the squads take shape and grow under such experience.


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