Aspiring Youngsters Compete Towards Senior Success

CWSC Membership

Some of the promising next generation of CWSC held their own against youth and senior swimmers across the London Region last weekend. 

The group, representing National Performance and Gold squad competed at the London Aquatics Centre on the 3rd and 4th November. Across the region, Chelsea had the strongest cohort of young and upcoming swimmers  - with some swimmers racing 4 years younger then their categorised age group, highlighting a very strong and promising future.

With a multitude of successful, process lead swims it's hard to narrow down the stand out swimmers.

Day 1 saw Kamran Din and Edward Whittles knock seconds off their 200 IM, with Edward later breaking the minute barrier in the 100 freestyle for the first time. Aryaan Din set his weekend campaign off to a superb start, knocking a second and a half off his best time in a clean, skillful 100 fc. This set the tone for what was to be a fantastic weekend for Aryaan - swimming personal bests in all events, but most of all swimming maturely and with a a great attitude when discussing feedback. His brother Kamran also continued hot on the heels of his older sibling racing smart and hitting multiple best times all weekend.

Thomasina Grove set herself up nicely for the weekend swimming a rapid 50 butterfly with fantastic dive and turn skills. This was then followed by another personal best time in the 100 butterfly later in the day. 

Josie Surminski and Agnes Van Lanschot continued their development in learning how to apply processes when racing the 200 breast...both successfully swimming to personal best times and visibly better strokes. Watch this space with those two girls!

Day 2 was certainly backstroke day with Mehmet Zeren, Herbie Bingham and Edward Whittles all swimming successful best times in the 200 backstroke. From the girls side Lavinia Ricca executed good underwater and turn rotation in both her 50/100m backstroke events leading to great best times. Lavinia then displayed her resilience and back up ability with swimming a huge effort in the 200 freestyle. Practising underwater skills in training certainly paid off for Maddy Whittles who executed 10-15m off every wall in the 100 backstroke to swim to a 3 second personal best.

With Regionals being the 2nd meet of the season, and all swimmers being so young in comparison to the rest of the field, it was extremely pleasing to see the determination and focus. 

A big well done to all that competed.