Chelsea & Westminster finish 3rd in top club table at Hillingdon - with just 29 Junior Swimmers!!

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What a weekend for the NP and RP swimmers at Hillingdon. A true reflection of all their effort around skills and commitment to training over the last 15 weeks.  With personal bests being smashed every time somebody stood on the blocks, momentum and drive was at an ultimate high all weekend across the team. The class and focus of the team has made it hard to select a few swimmers that ‘stood out’...

Lavinia Ricca was exceptional in her freestyle and backstroke events...swimming close to times that would have qualified for British short course Nationals a year young. Lavinia has been working on her underwater work in training - this showed in every event when Lavinia was close to 10m underwater turns.  

William Rudd broke the club records for the 50m and 100m backstroke and was very close to the 200 freestyle. William had a mature approach and smart skill set towards his racing all weekend. Pacing his races properly and finishing strong...not fading. 
Not to be overshadowed by William, both Herbie Bingham and Aryaan Din had a fierce weekend. Again delivering process focussed races, the boys were able to deliver remarkable personal best times and stood out from the crowd of swimmers their age representing other clubs

Teammates and training partners Henry Gray, Edward Whittles and Mehmet Zeren had a super strong weekend. Edward breaking the 200 breaststroke club record, also set the precedent in the 400 and 200 freestyle. Hot on his heals were Henry and Mehmet who shone bright every time they entered the water...especially Henry’s 100 fly and Mehmet’s 200 freestyle.  

Josie Surminski put the puzzle pieces together in all her recent weeks training. Knocking 6 seconds off her 200m breaststroke personal best, Josie got a bronze medal in the event. Her 50m/100m breaststroke were equally impressive with near 8-10m pull outs off each wall hitting new personals bests by seconds. 
From Regional Performance, Jonny Rudd broke his personal best times set only a month ago in Wycombe. Executing the pace of his 200m backstroke perfectly meant that Jonny had great strength down the back 50 all the way to the touch. Damjan Kisic had a fantastic set of freestyle events. Damjan had been working on increasing his stroke rate and installing a breathing pattern when he raced...this was victorious and lead to some good personal best times. 
With medals a plenty and top seed finishes in abundance, the swimmers stood out against the bigger clubs. Our team of 29 swimmers finished 3rd behind t he home club Hillingdon and Guildford which had  over  100 swimmers represented  - outstanding!!
All swimmers stepped up, put up a huge effort and increased team support during the finals - we are all very pleased and proud of everyone's performance. Well done!
A good sign off ahead of Christmas.