Age Groupers Dominate Middlesex County Championships

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Over the last few weekends our clubs Age Group swimmers (13 years + under) have hit a record amount of GOLD medals and over 100 top 8 finishes across the County.

The Championships saw our club finish over 200 points clear of any other club in Middlesex, dominating the Championships with skills, results and resilience. 

Training through the Championships was essential for our swimmers, building into the long course season after Christmas - no emphasis was put on results for the County Championships, just execution of processes and swimming with heart. The swimmers, extremely fatigued from their weeks of training rose to the challenge, swam back to back races in a fully scheduled programme - superb.

The boys 13/u age group excelled both weekends, inclusive of the relays A+B finishing on the podium in both the freestyle and medley relay. It was also fantastic to see the youngest boys WIN their medley relay. A clean sweep was also seen in the boys 13/u 100 backstroke, where Edward Whittles, Mehmet Zeren and Henry Gray finished 1,2,3.

Edward, having another fantastic series of swimming, racing almost every event + finals broke the 12-13 years club records in the 200 breaststroke, 100 IM and 400 IM.

Two other multi eventers who had back to back schedules were Lavinia Ricca and Veronica Venuti. Both girls barely got time/sometimes didn't get time to swim down because their schedule was that busy. Determination, resilience and mental toughness saw them through the weekend. Lavinia swam back to her best on the 400 IM (mid races) and Veronica had an outstanding 200 backstroke, first time under 2.40 in a new club record.

The results were well spread across all age groups, signifying the club has solid depth and some certain building blocks for the future. Advanced Development's Eddie Robinson was on fire with his breaststroke events at his first Counties. Eddie finished 2nd and 3rd in the 50/100 breaststroke.

To look at the stats below further highlights that the coaches, camaraderie, support and of course SWIMMERS really are building something special which will make a dent in the success of London swimming - a huge well done and thank you to all. Please see below for the club's impressive overall Age Group results:

Swimmers taking part - 27 in individual events plus 5 in relays only.

Finals (50s/100s) - 66

Top 8 finishes (200m+) - 46

Bronze - 15

Silver - 16

Gold - 31

Again, superb effort to all those involved. We continue to build and move forward. 

All podium pictures are now posted in the Gallery.

More photos: