Abundance of personal bests and podium finishes at Beckenham Easter Open

CWSC Membership

This weekend saw yet again an abundance of personal best times and podium finishes from National and Regional Performance at the Beckenham Easter Meet.

The competition was based at the London Aquatics Centre.The meet was a gruelling 3 days of 3 sessions. Managing emotion throughout the extended weekend was key to success. The environment was hot, swim down limited and the sessions were long (12 hour days). Nevertheless, our swimmers saw this as an opportunity to work their resilience and rose to the challenge. Swimmers backed up events successfully without showing any signs of fatigue. The level of maturity displayed when discussing and receiving their post race feedback was a mentionable highlight for the coaches. Swimmers engaged in their processes fully and a lot more were racing smart rather than with emotion. It was fantastic to see. 

The depth of the club is growing, with almost a full house of swimmers qualifying for multiple events between both squads at this Level 1 meet (the highest level competition clubs can attend). Swimmers that continued to impress were:

Lavinia Ricca - Lavinia raced in nearly every event this weekend and was strategic in all, fighting until the very last stroke. In particularly the 100/200 backstroke, 200 freestyle and 200/400 IM. Lavinia prepared herself mentally to work on the components of a race strategy and delivered them. When head to head with others you could see Lavinia fighting to get to the wall first.

Edward Whittles - Edward is used to racing a lot throughout a weekend. What was great about this weekend was Edward’s ability to try different things (having previously discussed them with Lisa) to ‘break the mould’ from what he has usually been doing. To be brave enough to do that is another notch towards becoming an athlete - it proved successful as not only did Edward swim personal bests in almost everything, the way he did it added to his end of year processes.

Veronica Venuti - Veronica has really been working on her stroke skills with Alexander in training, and this was something that was clear when racing this weekend. Veronica’s 400 freestyle was technically sound and smartly paced. Similarly the same can be said in her 200 backstroke.

Selin Mucen - Over the last few competitions, but in particularly this one, Selin has been committing 100% effort to races and digging deep to go to the next level of determination. You could see this in her 100 butterfly where she smashed her personal best time from Millfield a few weeks ago.

Matthew Peters - someone who loves to compete, you know that Matthew would never give up in a race. What was impressive this weekend was that Matthew is now managing his effort and pace throughout races. This was particularly strong in the 400 freestyle and 400 IM where Matthew held his control at the front end of the races and then built through perfectly.

William Rudd - It was great to have discussions about William’s race processes and then watch him execute them perfectly. This lead to some very Nationally competitive times and personal best swims.

Finally, representing Advanced Development, Eddie Robinson did not let the pressure of his first Level 1 LC meet get to him, swimming a great 200 Breaststroke. Eddie focussed on his race processes and executed with amazing precision which saw him finish first place in the 10/11 age group. 

It’s not long now before the swimmers will be heading into Youth and Age Group Regionals. This meet was a good last hit out before returning to training to work on the final block. Well done all.