Club Champs Proves Happy Swimmers Are Fast Swimmers!

CWSC Membership

Last weekend was an exceptional weekend for most club members. Swimmers, coaches, volunteers and officials rallied around to host and deliver an extremely successful Club Championships. 

With participant numbers almost double the size of last year, it was fantastic to see so many swimmers across all the squads racing hard and enjoying the weekend. It's not often everyone gets the opportunity to come together. Last weekend displayed fantastic club spirit and sportsmanship - another extended thank you to all involved in the organisation and delivery.

As the event was 'in house' a number of swimmers had back to back races. They didn't let a busy schedule or the heat from outside drain them. Whether it was a swimmers first ever race or a race they had swum a million times before, the effort and disipline was there - well done.


Coach highlighted shout outs go to (and these were very tough to decide!):

Jade Trincano, Sally Ezzedine, Kamel Khaldi, Nicolas Venuti, Joseph Lyon, Ela Avcioglu, Alexia Naydenov, Luke Pryce Jones, Dima Danylenko, Indigo Spence, Damjan Kisic, Julius Bennett, Ravi Bearelly, Chloe Zaimi, Lanre Pratt and Aryaan Din.


These swimmers were chosen due to the way they delivered on their races, their minset around racing and their focus when racing. A huge well done to all competitiors and a good sign off for some for the end of the season.

Club championships results


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