Swimmers Put In Impressive Performance at the First Long Course Meet

CWSC Membership

Last weekend the club put on a great display of camaraderie, support and competitive edge in the first long course meet of the season. No less that 70 swimmers from the club attended the Romford ASC meet at the London Aquatics Centre. Managing themselves impeccably, the swimmers took on board and transferred feedback from the coaches, as well as focussed on attention to detail across all of their events.

Gustav Mackintosh had a superb weekend focussing on feedback after every performance and powered through multiple events. Gustav's performance was a reflection of his great relationship with the coaches, always having pre and post race conversations. It was a solid demonstration of maturity and routine for future competitions.

Matilde La Magna was another swimmer who had numerous swims, and always remained positive and focussed. It's important to be able to re set and re focus between races, Matilde's attitude was faultless the whole weekend. 

Like many black hats, it was Bali Ings-Chambers' first long course meet. As daunting as it may have seemed, Bali didn't let on and swam a super 50m butterfly, smashing under the 40 second barrier to a personal best time of 38 seconds. Post Christmas, most events are swam long course and this is something the younger swimmers should start to focus and gain confidence in by attending the competitions outlined on TU. There is a difference between personal best times short course and long course, with the latter generally being slower.

Victoria Bunimovich lead the way for the performance swimmers, sticking to processes and delivering best times consistently.

Given the size of the representation, the swimmers were a full credit to themselves and the club. They made the weekend very enjoyable for the coaches. They were upbeat, motivated and committed to swimming well - a huge well done.


Keep up the good work!