Focussed Group ELEVATE their performance to finish 4th at the NATIONAL ARENA LEAGUE B FINAL - highest ever place!

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What a fantastic weekend of swimming the club have just had! Swimmers have been racing all over the Country!

Saturday saw the much anticipated National Arena League B Final. The club went in a respectable 6th place (out of 10) against some major City program's - City of Cardiff for example. Leaving no stone unturned, the swimmers dug deep despite being in heavy training.

There was a super effort all round, especially from those swimming multi events and age groups due to gaps - Veronica Venuti, Thomasina Grove, Henry Gray, Edward Whittles, Zoe Musial, Josie Surminski and Imogen Sargent. Also, who could forget coach Holly Taylor coming out of 'retirement' especially for the event! In addition Veronica Venuti won most improved swimmer for her age group across the meet.

It was extremely rewarding to see the camaraderie between the team, and the swimmers resilience to deliver their best performances for their team mates - A HUGE WELL DONE. 

Thank you and congratulations to all involved. From volunteers, supporters, officals, swimmers and coaches - without you, we would never have finished a MIGHTY 4TH PLACE! Moving up two places from our entry place...outstanding.


Great job!