New Partnership with Hackney Aquatics

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We are extremely excited to announce that starting from the 2021 season we are forging a partnership with Hackney Aquatics Club which will further elevate our performance by providing a coordinated pathway across London and bringing together East and West.

The partnership will give swimmers in the performance pathway a further tier to aspire to. In this top performance tier, selected swimmers from both clubs will have the opportunity to train head to head to deliver their best in an enhanced training environment under the supervision of our top coaching team. Swimmers will compete together at all significant swimming events. The partnership will be overseen and lead by our very own Director of Swimming Lisa Bates.

Some further details…



Chelsea and Westminster Swimming Club and Hackney Aquatics Club are committed to high performance swimming with a focus on the development of swimmers to be competitive at a National level, leading on to the International stage. Both clubs serve communities with a very high degree of income inequality and are determined to improve access to, and progression in, swimming for everyone, no matter what their financial background.

Together, we have created a model where each club retains its identity with it’s current structure and coaching team fully focused on the success of their home club. At the same time, we think that there are real opportunities for collaboration that drive our twin and complementary objectives of participation and performance.


The Partnership Objectives

The overall vision of the partnership is to create a sustainable swimming legacy across London.


Our proposed partnership aims to deliver the following key objectives for both clubs and beyond:

  • Performance: To offer high level swimming for performance athletes, by creating a shared performance group who will train and compete together. Athletes are part of a clear development pathway. The pathway is overseen by an Olympic Coach.
  • Participation: To have strong and diverse home program’s at each club, offering high-quality coaching, a clear pathway and opportunities for competition to all swimmers. Enhanced delivery throughout London, especially at the development level.
  • Coaching: To create a seamless, quality assured and fully integrated pathway lead by GB coaching professionals. This will attract new coaches and upskill a coaching team that would be able to coach across both clubs. Coaches are offered security and insight into a bigger picture.
  • Collaboration: To maximise athlete, workforce and volunteer opportunities. Both clubs will work together to share volunteers and resources, and thus demonstrate the development of talent and increase it.

We do not consider this an exclusive partnership and would welcome other clubs coming on board as we establish a London-wide performance team built on strong and successful home club program’s.

The pathway will be closely associated with the International Swimming League's home team 'London Roar’.

The Director of Swimming will be outlining further details to the NP and RP squads in due course. This is a fantastic opportunity, let’s put London swimming on the map!