Black Hats

The Black Hat program is the younger of our Development Groups, with swimmers, aged 8-10, who have progressed out of our pre-competitive squads or have already had experience competing for and training with an ASA program, or similar school or learn-to-swim program. The swimmers continue developing their aerobic base (swimming longer distances), with emphasis on drills, kick-work with fins, strength sets involving land based exercises, and learning swimming terminology. New skills that are introduced are the Individual Medley, Medley Turns, Perfect streamlines off all walls (with dolphin kick off walls for Free, Back and Butterfly) and Gala Participation (age and speed dependent). 

Sessions per week: 3 sessions, 60 minutes each

Age: 8-10 years old

Price: £110/month

Swimmer to Coach Ratio: 15:1

Moving up criteria:

  • Attendance record on TU 75-100%
  • Ability to handle 90-120 minute training sessions (Focus/Patience)
  • At least 100 meters of legal Free, Back, Breast without stopping
  • Legal IM for at least 100 metres 
  • Legal Butterfly for at least 50 metres
  • Competitive Race Starts off Starting Block
  • Consistent correct and legal Freestyle and Backstroke Tumble Turns, and Butterfly and Breaststroke Turns in training
  • Ability to perform consistent streamlines off walls
  • Knowledge of racing laws (Starts, turns, finishes)
  • Able to read pace clock to guide training
  • Ability to complete basic set of 5x100m on 2:00 with strong skills (turns, streamlines, technique)

Swimmers must achieve at least 4/7 times below including at least 1 of the 200's:

50 Free- 39.99
50 Back- 45.99
50 Breast- 51.99
50 Fly- 47.99
100 IM- 1:40.99
200 Free- 3:30.99
200 IM- 3:50.00