Blue Hats

Blue Hat swimmers begin learning very basic racing skills and have the opportunity to participate in swimming galas. New skills include fully legal Breaststroke technique, and skills including Underwater Pull-Outs and Turns, basic Butterfly technique (Body position, Timing, Kick, Pull), Legal Tumble Turns (front and back), Vertical Kicking (treading Water), swimming terminology (Distances, Drills, Racing Habits), basic aerobic work, and land based stretches.

Sessions per week: 2 sessions, 60 minutes each

Age: 7-9 years old

Price: £90/month

Swimmer to Coach ratio: 15:1

Moving up criteria:

  • Attendance on TU between 75-100%
  • Blue Hat Coach and Teaching Coordinator's recommendation
  • At least 50 meters of legal Free, Back and Breast without stopping
  • Good Butterfly for 25 meters
  • Competitive Race Starts off Wall and Block 
  • Competent Freestyle and Back Tumble Turns
  • Ability to perform streamlines off walls, demonstrating correct underwaters
  • Knowledge of racing laws (Starts, turns, finishes)
  • Ability to handle 60-90 minute training sessions (Focus/Patience)