Orange Hats

The Orange Hats Squad continues with the progression of Freestyle and Backstroke technique, specifically the arm movements, and encouraging swimmers to learn not to stop, with lots of emphasis on body positioning and correct streamlining. Swimmers are introduced to rotation along both the horizontal and vertical axis, learning how to breathe properly, jumping into water and developing deep water confidence. 

Sessions per week: 1 session, 30 minutes

Age: 5-7 years old

Price: £60/month

Swimmer to Coach ratio: 10:1

Moving up criteria:

  • Attendance record on TU between 75% and 100%
  • Fundamentals of Freestyle (Body position, pull and Kick) including correct breathing
  • Fundamentals of Backstroke (Body position, pull and Kick) including stroke timing
  • Swim 25m Freestyle and Backstroke without stopping, and with good technique
  • Kick on Front 20 meters without stopping 
  • Kick on Back 20 meters without stopping
  • Comfortable jumping/diving into deep water from side
  • Good Streamlining ability
  • Deep Water confidence - surface dives to pick up things from the floor, can swim unaided in deep water