Regional Development

The Regional Development squad is ideal for those swimmers who do not meet the full criteria (qualifying times or trainingsession attendance) required for the Advanced Development or Performance Squads. Squad assignments are monitored throughout the year which means that swimmers will always have the opportunity to move into the squads which require a greater time commitment or more competitive qualifying times. This is, of course, dependent on the swimmer demonstrating the desire, time availability and skill set required. 

The Regional Development Squad is for swimmers aged from 12-18 and includes County and Regional Qualifiers, as well as potential members of the CWSC National Arena League Team. The Squad is ideal for talented swimmers who enjoy competitive training and swimming yet find they need time to continue other activities (sporting or otherwise). These individuals often find they do not have the flexibility to commit to the Performance Squad training schedules. This allows them to improve their swimming ability to the competitive level at which each individual swimmer wishes to achieve.

The training emphasis will be on continued fitness development and general swimming technique. In addition to group instruction, the coaches endeavour to give specific, individual feedback to help swimmers improve. Aquatic disciplines like water polo may also be used. Swimmers will still be invited to competitions throughout the year.

Age Range: (Guidelines only)

12 - Senior

Club Subscription Charges: £105/month

Requirements for access to Regional Development

·       Competency across all four strokes

·       Able to complete a competitive racing dive off starting block as well as turns for all strokes and IM

·       Gold Squad Members should, at a minimum, be aiming for County Standards

·       Strong ability to work well and learn in a group environment