30 November 2019 CWSC Assessment

Open for Returning Members

22/10/19 - 28/11/19

Open for New Members

22/10/19 - 28/11/19


Thank you for your interest in CWSC and for taking the time to register for the upcoming termly assessment.  Full information on the assessment is posted under on our website under the 'How to join' tab. You are encouraged to read all information prior to registering.

Assessment Details

  • DATE:  Saturday, 30 November 2019
  • LOCATION: Please click this link for the address Queen Mother Sports Centre
  • TIME:  Please plan to be in attendance from 5.30 to 7.30 pm.  We will email on 29 November with a more specific time time slot within that 2 hour window. 
  • REGISTRATION DEADLINE:  Thursday, 28 November
  • AGES:  4 years of age or older as of 30 November 2019 to be considered for a place. Maximum age 14 as of 30 November 2019.
  • Start date for swimmers will be 6 January 2020. 


  • By indicating YES to Photo Permission you are agreeing to the  CWSC PHOTO POLICY
  • For the medical information, if your child has no medical issues, simply note "N/A".

CWSC is a competive swimming club.  As such, the club's ethos is COMPETITION and VOLUNTEERING.  We invite you to read next assessment page, the schedules, the squad descriptions and the "Who are We" tab to get a good understanding of how we operate.  Please do also take a look at the fee schedules under MEMBER INFO.  It is important to note that fees are required to be paid by direct debit should your child be offered a spot.  By registering for the upcoming assessment, you are agreeing to these important parts of CWSC.

Thank you again for your interest!