Statement on Inclusion: Minorities and LGBTQ+

City of Bristol Aquatics unequivocally supports Swim England’s commitment to eradicate discrimination of all forms throughout all of its activities. 

We are a club that actively practices and stands by our core values around inclusivity, equality and respect for all people.

How do we do this?

Our people - from our paid staff to our volunteers and welfare officers - are all aware of challenges faced by minority groups and are committed to constantly learning and improving the experience we provide. We care.

Our Processes - We have taken the time to think through challenges and come up with possible solutions. We are a work in progress and are open to ideas and suggestions.

Our Pride - We are proud of our cultural diversity and stand by our swimmers and their families.

We are committed to removing barriers, proactively addressing problems if they arise and being a club that acknowledges and celebrates our differences.

We believe that taking this much needed step forward in the sport of competitive swimming is indicative of our desire to support the diverse communities we serve. We hope to encourage other clubs worldwide to do the same.


Statement on Equality and Diversity

The club commits to follow the Swim England Code of Ethics governing this area as noted below:

1.      The club is committed to tackling forms of discrimination and to strive to become inclusive of all those who want to participate in swimming, artistic swimming and water polo (as athletes, officials, coaches and administrators) irrespective of their race, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation, faith and ability.

2.      This statement includes the club’s commitment to address equality, diversity and inclusion in aquatics. To this end the club will not tolerate:

a.      Discrimination on the grounds set out in 1 above.

b.      Harassment.

c.       Bullying.

d.      Abusive or insensitive language.

e.      Inappropriate behaviour detrimental to any individuals or groups of individuals.

3.      Swim England, British Swimming and all affiliated clubs are governed by UK law and will seek to ensure that its participants are committed to addressing its responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010.

4.      Committees, poolside staff, officials and volunteers in all three aquatic disciplines within the club will address this responsibility to support equality, diversity and inclusion in our sport.

To understand Swim England's commitments in the area of Equality and Diversity, please see the information on the Swim England web site here

Read City of Bristol's 2015 study into improving participation in aquatics by athletes from black and minority ethnic communities here