Swimming Management Committee

Roles Nominee Email
Chairman Gary Uren chairperson@cobaquatics.club
Vice Chairman Vacancy chairperson@cobaquatics.club
Secretary Adrian Noon secretary@cobaquatics.club
Finance Officer Jackie Noon cobscfinancialofficer@gmail.com
Assistant Welfare Officer Vacancy  
Membership Administrator Sue Sharley sueshar35@hotmail.com
Competition Manager – Competitive Swimming Rachel Crossley cobswimcompetitions@gmail.com
Open Meet Manager Tim Babbage meetmanager@cobaquatics.club
Volunteer Manager Vacancy swimvolunteers@cobaquatics.club
League/Gala Manager Marion Britton welfare@cobaquatics.club
Fund Raising Manager Jeremy Plumstead  
Sponsorship Manager Donna Uren Cobaquatics.sponsor@gmail.com
IT Support Manager Vacancy webmaster@cobaquatics.club
Coach Manager Alan Thorne a.f.thorne@btinternet.com
Swimming Section Head Coach Lisa Atkinson swimheadcoach@cobaquatics.club
Disability Swimming Representative Vacancy  

Support Roles – not members of the Swimming Management Committee

Roles Member(s)
Club Captain/s – Boy & Girl


Competition Manager – Performance Swimming Mike Riggall
Swimming Section Assistant Head Coach

Marc Williams


Assistant Welfare Officer - Performance Squads – male  
Assistant Welfare Officers - Competition Squads – male/female Vacancies

Members Appointed By Participating Network Swimming Club

A representative nominated by each of the Participating Network Swimming Clubs. The nominated person must be a member of the Network Club Committee.

Network Club Nominee
Keynsham SC Chris Metcalfe
Bath Dolphin SC TBC
Soundwell SC Tracy Ellis
Backwell SC Colin Jackson
Calne Alpha SC Richie Lamb
Bristol Penguin Olympic Ben Mullen
Clevedon Sally Jenkins