Your club needs you!

As a club, we can only survive if enough people help with volunteering. There are plenty of activities to be involved in e.g. fundraising, help writing the newsletter, getting the trophies ready, ... We are primarily in need of the roles below

Have you ever thought of becoming a coach? Too difficult? No experience? No synchro background? None of this is a problem. 

To continue to be a successful club, we continually need a number of individuals who could share these roles. If you're interested, please contact a management group member or a coach. We can't do it without you!



 Artistic Swimming Chairperson

For the time being, Ben Mullen will continue his operational involvement in the absence of a Chairperson. He will continue his operational involvement up to 31st December 2020 and after this date his role will need to return to being in a more strategic capacity based around being Vice Chairperson of the whole club.  We therefore need a volunteer  to take on the Chair role. 

Fundraising / Social Secretary 

We have budgeted to raise £3,000 this season and therefore we need a fundraising / social secretary in place to work on this. There is no particular need for this person to have to join the management group and it is a role that could be shared between a couple of people.

Lifeguard Cover Coordinator 

CoB clubs now have to provide their own lifeguard cover. We require a lifeguard cover coordinator to book lifeguards into slots. There is no particular need for this person to have to join the management group for this, it’s more of an organisational role.