Waterpolo Management Committee

Roles Nominee
Chairman Andy Davis
Vice-Chairman John Sissons
Secretary Lynne Sissons
Finance Officer Clare Bates
Assistant Welfare Officers – male  Vacancy 
Assistant Welfare Officers - female Yvonne Rossiter 
Membership Administrator Karen Brown
Head Coach (Whole Programme) Craig Figes


Head Coach Craig Figes
Head Coach (Men's Programme) TBA
Head Coach (Harlequins) TBA
Head Coach (Ladies' Programme) Craig Figes
Head Coach (Junior Programme) TBA
Head Coach (Mini-Polo Programme) TBA
Strength and Conditioning / Land John Sissons

TBA - No assigned coaches as there are no competitions at present due to COVID.

Team Managers

Team Manager (Men A) John Sissons
Team Manager (Men - Barbarians) John Sissons
Team Manager (Men - Harlequins) TBC
Team Manager (Ladies) Maggi Elliman
Team Manager (Junior As) Lynne Sissons
Team Manager (Junior Bs) Andy Davis
Team Manager (Junior Dev and Minis) Lynne Sissons

Support Roles

IT Support Manager Cathy Davis (Temporary)
Custodian Jacob Ashworth