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Ealing Disability Swimming Squad (EDSC) is a house club  that is part of ESC. We have been operating since May  2013 as a club training session that is designed specifically  for those with disabilities.
The club forms a third tier of a brand new scheme which  includes other local community clubs and Ealing Council.
This provides a pathway from the learn to swim level,  all the way to EDSC which encourages Paralympic  classification and competition.


Club sessions are on Thursday evenings at Dormers Wells Leisure Centre between 7:00pm – 8.00pm. The squad has three lanes which are used to run sessions that are specific and inclusive to a range of disabilities and swimming skills.
In order to join EDSC, swimmers must be able to swim 100 m on their front and back (where applicable). If you are currently unable to do this, there may be a part of the scheme suitable to you so feel free to contact us.
The squad currently contains a number of swimmers who regularly compete at regional and national level and are also part of London Disability Swimming Club. ESC has also been designated Hub-Club status by the Amateur Swimming Association for disability swimming in the West London region.
Squad sessions consist of a majority of swimming and competition technique that can be used by swimmers as specific feedback in their respective home clubs. In this way the swimmers benefit from improved technique tailored to them which is normally beyond the range of typical club swimming. Please advice Coaches if you need a personal care attantant on poolside.
The scheme as a whole has been hugely successful and EDSC is proud to share links with Ealing Council, Harrow KingfishersRuislip Turtles and LDSC. News of the scheme has travelled far and we have recently received a visit from the Swedish Paralympic Swimming Committee.
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Joining fee for new member: £41.00 to include free ESC hat.
The monthly fees are £21.00 per month which comprises £11.00 swimming fee and £10 membership subscription.  On joining, a payment by cheque or cash is requested to cover the joining fee, the first month     of training and your membership subscription.  To ease the Club`s administration, members are asked to pay by Direct Debit. Payment by other methods will  incur an administration charge of £2 per month.
Members should please note that fees are payable for all 12 months of the year although the club will be closed for around seven weeks each year. This is because the cost of running the club are divided into twelve equal installments to make the payment by Direct Debit easier.
As members of Ealing Swimming Club, swimmers in ESC DISABILITY have the opportunity of joining the competitive Squad, Water Polo or junior triathlon when reaching a good standard of swimming. The Lead Coach will be able to advise on this subject.
Members are also required to be registered with Swim England as Category 1 members – (Club Train). This provides club membership and insurance cover. The fee is reviewed on an annual basis and is approximately £18.00 per year.   This fee is confirmed and collected on an annual basis.
Please note that for Members who compete, the Swim England Category 2 fee for competition entry – (Club Compete) is payable.  This allows for competition entry.  The fee for 2023 is £38.00 per year.
For further information, contact Oliver Spisak
email:  [email protected]  or apply online  HERE

Important information:


Important dates:

Spring term start date 5 January 2023 Term Ends 31 March 2023
Summer term start date 13 April 2023 Term Ends 20 July 2023
Winter term start date 7 September 2023  


For more information about training and squad sessions, please contact Matthew Soanes. For information regarding classification or disability swimming competition, please contact Nigel Grey.
Matthew Soanes
[email protected]