Squad Parents Information



1. Swimming Equipment and Kit

For training, swimmers need costumes, - endurance for training and racing suits for Competition (often bought a size smaller than normally worn)

Kit required – 2 pairs of goggles, flippers, a swim hat, a kickboard, a pull buoy, hand paddles and a drink bottle.


Team kit is also required for competition. ESC swimming Cap T- shirt, shorts and hoodie.

For land training a pair of training shoes T-shirt, shorts, hoodie and a drink bottle.

Kit can be purchased on line via club web page. It is also available at Gurnell on a Saturday morning during training.



2. Nutrition

Swimmers who are training need a balanced diet.

It is important that a swimmer has a healthy snack before training, especially before morning workout and then within 20 minutes of finishing a training session. Swimmers should always have a drink bottle with them during training – with water or squash as they prefer. During competition healthy meals or snacks and drinks are essential – no crisps or sweets! There is more Information on the club web site under (members Info).



3. Entering Meets and keeping records of times.

For Open Meets information will be posted on the Ealing web site and you can enter on-line. Coaches will advise the meets to enter. Please ensure that the entry is completed correctly. With your times and swim England registration number. (The times must also be on the British rankings and be within a twelve month window).Please note that no entry will be submitted without the appropriate entry fee payment. Gala entry fees are paid online through PayPal.


Please deal with the entry as soon as possible and don’t leave it to the last minute. Each gala has an entry deadline and it is important to get the entry in on time.

There is a link to the British swimming rankings on the Club’s website.


If a meet is oversubscribed and the entries are not accepted, the entry fees will be returned by the host club to Ealing Swimming Club and a refund will subsequently be given to you through your PayPal account. There will be an acceptance and rejections list posted on the club website prior to the meet. Please check this carefully to ensure there are no mistakes – if there are, tell your coach immediately.


On the day of the meet, ensure you arrive in plenty of time and report to the coach. Swimmers will be expected to sit with the team during the competition. This ensure the coaching staff knows where they are and that they are part of the support process for everyone.



4. Communicating with the Coaches

The coaches usually have time for a quick few words at the end of the session. Please e mail or phone them to arrange a longer discussion. When calling in the evening, please bear in mind that they may be getting up at 4.30am to come swimming! For information on Club administration please speak to Christine Meek ([email protected]) or on finance matters to Elaine Howe ([email protected])



5. Supporting the Club

Ealing Swimming Club runs swimming meets (three times per year) to help support the club.

To ensure these meets run smoothly it would be greatly appreciated if parents can support in any way they can on the day.

There is also an opportunity to become competition officials. (Timekeepers, Judges, Starters, etc.) All this information will be posted and circulated.


We are always looking for sponsorship opportunities – if you work for a company that has a sponsorship scheme or will support employees’ interests, or you know of anyone that might be prepared to help the Club – please let us know.


Dave Heathcock

November 2020