Return to swimming COVID Recommendations to help keep everyone safe.

Leah Pullen
  1. If anyone in your immediate family has COVID please do not attend your training session whilst isolating.
  2. If you have a temperature or are feeling unwell, please do not attend your training session.
  3. Recommendation: - not to car share but if you do to wear face masks while travelling to the leisure centre.
  4. Recommendation: - that all swimmers and staff wear face mask when entering and leaving the leisure centre
  5. Recommendation: - that all swimmers arrive beach ready to avoid having to use the changing rooms.
  6. Spectator’s seating is at the discretion of the leisure centre and ESC teaching staff, recommendation to wear facemasks and social distance where possible.
  7. Recommendation: - not to share drinking bottles or equipment.
  8. If you use the toilet facilities, you must wash your hands with soap and water before returning to the pool.
  9. Recommendation: - if you need to use a changing room do not use family or group changing rooms use individual cubicles only.
  10. Recommendation: - to use separate exit from leisure centre if available.

Recommendation: - to maintain social distancing wherever possible.