Ealing SC Men's International, National Finalist and Medallist's since 1994
Mark Jones (Multi National Gold Medallist, Welsh Commonwealth Games representative and finalist, European
short course Silive Medallist, Multi welsh National champion and record holder)
Darren Shearsby (Scottish National champion, Member of Southern England team)
William Stokes (Scottish National medallist, Member of Southern england team)
Alec Fowler (National age group finalist)
Paul Hodges (National age group relay medallist)
Mark Heath (National age group medallist, Member of Southern England team)
Zac Murphy (Multi National age group relay gold medallist, Multi age group medallist, Member of British World Class squad)
Shoei Koyama (Multi National age group team gold medallist, Multi Individual medallist, Member of British World Class squad)
Jamie Smithers (Multi Narional youth medallist, British Junior National finalist, British National Senior finalist)
Philip Turnham (English National finalist, Selected for Southern District team)
Neil Willey (British National Gold medallist, British Record holder, British World Championship team 2001)
Thomas Kavanagh (Multi National relay team gold medallist)
Daniel Howe (Multi National relay team gold medallist)
Hidetaka Kimura (National age group finalist, National age group team gold medallist)
Anthony Perkins (Individual National youth medallist)
Tariq Miller (National age group champion, British National Senior finalist, National youth relay team medallist)
Joao Matias (Olympic games 2004, 2008 World Championships, 2009 African Games Bronze medallist, Angolan multiple event record holder)
Chris Jones (Multiple Senior National finalist Scottish International)
Ian Hulme (National Medallist)
George Syrianos (Greek International World Cup finalist, National Finalist)
Allen Linderberg (Senior National Finalist Scottish International)
Charlie Turner (British International, Multi National Champion and Medallist, Eiropean finalist)
Melako Coker (National Medallist, Nationa team relay medallist, Youth Commonwealth Games multiple medallist)
Felix Samuels (European Junior Relay team finalist, National medallist, relay team finalist)
Kyle Barrett (National finalist, Relay team National medallist)
Calum Barrett (National youth medallist)
Connor Barrett  (National Finalist, Relay Team National Medallist)
Ziggy Webster (National youth medallist, National youth relay team finalist)
Cristian Rotundu (National finalist, National relay team finalist)
Ben Levart (National finalist, National youth relay team finalist)
Sidney Howes (National finalist)
Joseph Sheehan (National relay team finalist)
Benedict Parfit (National finalist)
Ade Coker (National youth relay team finalist)
Patrick Jack (National youth finalist, National youth relay team finalist)
Daniel Brennand (National relay finalist)
Reef Hook (National age and youth relay medalist and finalist)
Jahrel Murphy (English National record holder, European junior finalist, Multiple National age group and youth individual medallist, National senior finalist and relay team finalist, GB International, Youth Commonwealth multiple medallist)
Adam Plasvic (National age group individual medallist, Multiple National youth replay team finalsit)
Miles Clarke (National youth relay medallist, Individual National Gold medallist, Multiple National medallist and relay finalist)
Pietro Lombardo (National age group medallist, National youth finalist)
Aaron Pullen (National youth relay team finalist)
Anton Akopian (National youth gold medallist, National youth medallist, National junior medallist, National age and youth relay team finalist)
Sam Thornton (Mutiple National Finalist)
Ramsey Haroun (Nation finalists; National rely finalist)
Eamon Haroun (National age group finalist, National youth relay finalist)
Alex Bandarian (National youth finalist; National youth relay finalist)
Rohan Singh (National youth relay finalist)
Tudor Puszet (Welsh National medallist, Nation youth finalist, Nation relay finalist)
Bryce Puszet (Welsh Junior International and Youth Champions; National age group relay team finalist and medallst)
Matthew Zammit (Selected for Malta to European Championship; National team finalist)
Billy Lee-Knowles (National age group medalist)
Andreas Cherman (National age group medallist)
Auryn White (National age group medallist)
Eddie Renic (National finalist; National youth relay team finalist)
Alex Farrell (National youth finalist; National youth relay team fnalist)
Oscar Jameson (National age group relay team medallist; National youth relay team finalist)
Joe Kelly (National youth relay team finalist)