Ealing SC Ladies International, National Finalist and Medallist's since 1994
Lorraine Coombes (Senior National Gold medallist, Multi National medallist; Worlf Championships medalist, European Championship finalist; Commonwealth games finalist)
Kathy Osher/Read (Multi British Senior National Gold medallist, European Championship finalist & medalist 1995, British and English representative, Multiple National record holder' British National record holder; GB Olympian 1987, 1988, 1992; Commonwealth Games medalist)
Helen Thornton (Scottish National medallist, Member of Southern England District Team, National relay team finalist)
Laura Bianzani (Welsh National Champion, Italian International)
Charlotte Dallas (Multi National age group medallist, Multi senior medallist, European Junior Bronze medallist, Youth Commonwealth Gold medallist, British team member world chammpionships 2001, National relay team gold medallist)
Kimberley Perry (National age group medallist)
Emma Curzon (National age group medallist)
Lucy Curzon (National age group medallist, National age group relay team medallist)
Jana Perzylo (Multi National age group medallist)
Amy Lloyd (National age group Gold medallist, Relay team Gold medallist)
Nicola Benn (National relay team Gold medallist)
Laurian Wright (National age group relay team finalist)
Sophie O'Brien (National age group relay team finalist)
Kathy O'Brien (National relay team finalist)
Julia Monk (National age group relay team finalist)
Michelle Bushell (National relay team Gold medallist, Multi Welsh National Champion and record holder)
Jennifer Lyes (English Senior Gold medallist, National relay Gold medallist, England and British team member)
Holly Mills (Multi National age group medallist, National age and senior relay team gold medallist, British team member)
Alyshea Shafique (National age group finalist, National age group team gold medallist)
Hannah Wilson (Multi National gold medallist, National relay team medallist
Georgina Nash (Multi National finalist, National relay team medallist)
Natalie Durant (Multi National age group medallist, Senior National Gold medalllist, Multiple European Junior medallist, Multiple youth Commonwealth games medallist)
Lucy Thornton (National age group Gold medallist, Multi National age group individual and relay team medallist, Senior National finalist, Irish National champion championships 2001, National relay team gold medallist)
Jennifer Howard (National age group Gold medallist)
Jenna Turner (Multi National age group medallist, National age group and senior gold medallist, European junior medallist, European senior relay team finalist)
Lauren Turner (Multi National age group medallist)
Gina Heyn (Senior Gold medallist, National relay team Gold medallist, European seniore finalist)
Ekaterina Avramova (Olympic Games qualifier 2012, 2016, European Championship finalist,World Championships semi-finalist, Bulgarian and Turkish National record holder, Multiple British National medallist)
Katerina Lipstova (European finalist)
Ella Kirby (National youth finalist)
Paige Powell (Multi Naional age group finalise, National youth finalist, National relay team medallist)
Katie Simms (National realy team finalist)
Naomi Sawaki (National youth finalist)
Erin Nabney (Multi Natiional age group medallist, Multi National relay team medallist, European Junior finalist)
Masie Jameson (Multi National age group finalist, Multi National relay team medallist)
Sofia Tedeschi (National age group relay team medallist)
Kerry Anne McFarlane (National age group realy team medallist)
Bethan Hall Jones (National relay team)
Oliva Wong (National relay team)
Isabel Barnes (National relay team finalist)
Leah Whittaker (National age group Gold medallist, Multiple event Junior National Champion)
Acheing-Ajulu-Bushell (Commonwealth Games finalist)
Anna Hopkin (Multiple medallist at National Championships, Relay team medallist, World University games finalist)
Elizabeth Grisakova (National finalist, relay team Gold medallist)
Polly Kemp-King (National realy team medallist)
Georgina Boyle (National team gold medallist)
Phyllida Britton (Multi National finalist, BUCS National Champion, National relay team Gold medallist)
Pooja Gupta (National age group relay team medallist)
Alice Tai (Multiple World record holder, Para swimming 7 x Gold Medal Winner World Championships, Multiple European medallist)