ESC Dolphins
Gurnell Leisure Centre
Ruislip Road East, Ealing W13 0AL(  see map  )
Ealing Baths Current Gurnell Leisure Centre  Proposed rebuild (awaiting planning)



London Borough of Ealing Swimming Club started at the site of the original Ealig Baths which was situated behind Ealing Town Hall. By the 1960s, Ealing Swimming Club incorporated both Ealing Dean Swimming Club (1886) and Ealing Swimming Club (1881) to ''promote and encourage the art of swimming in all its branches.''
In 1980 Gurnell Swimming Pool was built  on Ruislip Road East to replace Ealing Town Centre Baths  and the club moved there renaming itself as firstly Perival  House, later  renamed as Dolphins House and now ESC  Dolphins.   Presently proposals are underway for the  rebuild  of a  newer pool on its current site.
ESC Dolphins is the oldest of our section and has over 250+  members based at Gurnell Leisure Centre, ESC's flagship  50m pool. It provides swimming coaching for children aged  five years upwards at all levels of competitive ability.


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These fees are current for the year April 2021 - 31 July 2021.
Joining fee for new member: £40.00 to include free ESC hat.
The monthly fees are £31.00 per month which comprises £21.00 swimming fee and £10 membership subscription. On joining, an initial payment is requested to cover the joining fee, the first month    of training and your membership subscription. To ease the Club`s administration, members are asked to pay by Direct Debit. Payment by other methods will incur an administration charge of £2 per month. Should you wish to cancel your membership, please email us with 30 days notice so that we can cancel your Direct Debit. 
Members should please note that fees are payable for all 12 months of the year although the club will be closed for around seven weeks each year. This is because the cost of running the club are divided into twelve equal installments to make the payment by Direct Debit easier.

As members of Ealing Swimming Club, swimmers in ESC Dolphins have the opportunity of joining the Competitive Squad, Water Polo or junior triathlon when reaching a good standard of swimming. The Lead Coach will be able to advise on this subject.

For further information, contact Christine Meek (mob:+44 7716 219331)

email: [email protected] or apply online HERE

As well as being fun, swimming is a great way to make new friends, keep fit and learn new exciting skills.

Some of the many things they will start to acquire by joining us at Ealing Dolphins are as follows:

  • The swimming club is a great place to make lots of new friends
  • Swimming is a great way to stay healthy and active.
  • Swimming is proven to help people manage their asthma.
  • We aim to teach young people important life skills like water safety, commitment, time management, leading a healthy life style, social skills, work ethic and plenty more.
  • The swimming club provides a fun and safe social environment for children and their parents.
  • They will have the chance to race against their friends and their own Personal Best (PB) times.

Important dates:

Term start date week starting 12 April 2021 Term end date 31st July 2021
Pool Closure (Bank Holiday) 3 May 2021  
Pool Closure (Bank Holiday) 31 May 2021  

Upcoming Competitions 



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Should you wish to cancel your membership, please email us with 30 days notice so that we can cancel your Direct Debit.         
Email: [email protected]
For further information, please contact Tom Surrey 
Email: [email protected]