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Fareham Nomads Joining Instructions

Swim England registration 

As we are a swimming club, Swim England membership is required for insurance purposes and therefore compulsory. You will receive an email from Swim England to complete an Online Membership form for your swimmer – please complete this at your earliest convenience.

Note: Check your junk emails and let us know if not received. I will receive confirmation by email once you have done this.

Fareham Nomads online membership/management system (Team Unify)

Fareham Nomads use an online membership/management system called Team Unify. Please click this link: Fareham Nomads - Team Registration (teamunify.com) to set up your account.

Note: The email address you use to sign up will be your TU account log-in email and will be the only one TU financial emails are sent to (invoices, notification of expired cards or failed payments etc.) so please make sure the card holder is informed if they are not the main account holder.

  1. Click on the Register button and follow the instructions. Please note that auto filling fields, especially on a mobile phone or iPad, may cause technical glitches, so if you have problems please try typing in all your information or using a laptop / PC.
  2. Enter YOUR details as the Account holder, then  +ADD your swimmer as a New Member  when prompted. Please enter 'No' when asked for a Swim England Membership Number (unless you already have one) as I will add this later. 
  3. Please make sure you add Guardian / Emergency Contact details and any relevant medical details for your swimmer.

Fareham Nomads other required documents

  1. FNSC Code of Conduct – all swimmers & parents are required to return a signed copy – paper or electronic (MS Office app is good for digitally signing). Please read with your swimmer and return to [email protected] (or bring a paper copy to your first session).​
  2. ​​We can claim Gift Aid on the membership fees so please complete a Gift Aid form if you are a UK taxpayer!


  1. Swim England membership - completed online 
  2. TU registration & Payment card added - completed online 
  3. Codes of Conduct signed & returned - completed online (if not then paper copies must be returned)
  4. Gift Aid Donation form completed if UK Taxpayer - completed online (if not then paper copies must be returned). Not essential before swimming starts but please do so ASAP.

Once all completed, We will let the coach know we will confirm the start date.

Any other questions on registration then please email [email protected]

Additional information

  • TEAM UNIFY - More information about the club can be found online via your TU Account (including your monthly invoices) or on our WEBSITE  https://uk.teamunify.com/team/reczzfn/page/home including the latest TRAINING TIMETABLES.
  • Fee and cancellation policy can be found here – FNSC Fee Policy).
  • Pool Access for WHP please click this link Location and Access Rules -West Hill Park School Pool
  • Updates and Regular newsletters containing important information FOR ALL MEMBERS are sent out via TU email, so please ensure you are both receiving and reading these!
  • FACEBOOK - If you would like to join our members only Facebook group, please request to join here: Join FNSC Facebook group  - it is a another form of  club communication for those who use Facebook (important messages are always communicated in our Newsletter or TU email).
  • WIN! - If you would like to support the Club’s fundraising & also be in with a chance of winning, click these links!
  • Questions regarding your child & their swimming should be directed to [email protected] or [email protected] . Please email or make mutually convenient arrangements to speak to them.

Finally, we are a local community club (and charity) teaching children to swim and enabling them to compete at all levels. The Club is run by a volunteer committee and other parent volunteers, including those who train for roles to make competitions possible. If you can help the Club in any way by sparing some of your time, please let us know, or speak to a member of the committee. It will be greatly appreciated as we are all here for the swimmers & without volunteers there would be no Club or competitions!