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Affiliated to SE South East Region and Hampshire County ASA

Welcome to the Fareham Nomads Swimming Club online registration service via Team Unify, for both new and returning members. We use software provided by Team Unify to run our membership database, meet management and general administration so that we can integrate all aspects of the running of the club. Once completed, you will have access to your own private account that will enable you to easily maintain your  contact information, swimmers medical information, sign up for swim meets, declare availability for galas, sign up for jobs and social events plus view swim times and more!

Please complete the following pages to continue with registration - please contact us if there is anything you are unsure of or get stuck on: [email protected]

  1. You will start by adding the Account Holder details (this will be the parent for swimmers under 18).
  2. When you reach the statement 'Please check the known members associated with your account that you'd like to register' please select the green box  "+Add Member" and then add the swimmer's details.
  3. When asked to 'Register to This Group', select FNSC Membership & complete the Swim England details. If you already have a Swim England (SE) number select 'YES' & add it, otherwise enter 'NO' and I will add it once it has been issued. You will also need to select Country (e.g. England) & discipline (e.g. swimmer).
  4. At some stage it should ask you to add a payment card (belonging to a UK taxpayer if possible, so we can claim Gift Aid!). If not, you may need to log back in to Team Unify and add your PAYMENT CARD, under the 'Payment Set Up' tab once we have approved your account.
  5. Once you SUBMIT REGISTRATION, the information will come to us for approval, at which point the correct squad and billing group will be allocated.
  6. Once a Payment Card has been added and I have received your Gift Aid form or other status, I will confirm with you and the coach / teacher so swimming can start.

Kind regards,

Steph Davies

Club Chair and Membership Secretary