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Interested in joining KASC?
If you would like to know more about KASC and/or arrange a trial please contact our Swimming Secretary
Overriding Criteria
"All criteria are at the Head Coaches discretion and overriding criteria for all squads will be behaviour, attitude to training and commitment"


Preliminary Squad
Head Coach: Vicki Gollegde-Pitt
  • Trials will be held;
    • Early October
    • Mid February
    • Early May
  • Trials are open to swimmers aged over 5 and no older than 9 years
  • The decision on the swimmer joining the Club will be a matrix of Age & Potential. i.e. “an older swimmer will need to be a better swimmer”
  • The decision will not be based on a “tick list”


Core training pathway: Junior, Age Group and Youth
Head coaches: Kay Rex, Verity Brunwin, Nigel Scudamore
  • Swimmers can be trialed at anytime
  • The swimmer will have to legally swim all 4 strokes
  • The swimmer will be able to undertake “starts & turns”
  • Junior and Age Group are competitive squads with swimmers expected to compete for KASC and attend Open Meets. Swimmers in Youth squad are supported in competing at their chosen level.


Regional Potential Squad
Head coach: Kay Rex
  • Swimmers are invited from the core training pathway
  • Swimmers will be swimming at a County Championships level
  • This is a competitive Squad and swimmers will be expected to compete for KASC and attend Open Meets


Masters Squad


  • Swimmers will be trialed at anytime
  • Swimmers will normally be 18 years or older. There is no upper age limit
  • This squad is non competitive. Swimmers are not required to compete unless they want to
  • This is a great Squad for those who take part in Triathlons
  • This is a great Squad for swimmers who want to keep fit