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Pools opening update

Thea Beament

Dear Swimmers, Parents,Carers

Hope everyone is keeping safe and well. 

Just an update on where we are at. At last, fingers crossed there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

The committee have been working hard and good progress has been made with Keynsham but much slower progress with Hengrove.

Hengrove are planning to open their pool on the 1st Sept and we are planning to be back the following week 7th Sept. We are still waiting for all their procedures to be set in place before we can do our risk assessments and then we will be able to sort our protocols. The opening hours of the pool are being reduced which has some effects on our training times. We have 10 volunteers taking their lifeguard course over this weekend, and a massive thanks to them. We would not be allowed back in Hengrove’s pool without our coaches and volunteers stepping forward. We also have another 5 lined up ready to take a future course too, amazing. We have had parents stepping forward to help on poolside too from all squads except Age Group squad. Please age group parents we do need a volunteer or two. Parents will not be allowed in the building unless helping. 

Keynsham are planning to open their swimming doors on 7th Sept and we are planning to start training that week too.  Procedures have been communicated to us. Again Keynsham have reduced their opening times so we have had to make adjustments. Opening hours may extend in the future and we are hoping to get more back. 

We have lots of planning, procedures and risk assessments to implement and soon you will be hearing the squad and times your swimmer will train.

There will also be a lot of information sent out for everyone to take on board and it is imperative that everything has been read, videos viewed and forms returned before your swimmer can get back in the pool.

It’s been along time coming and we want everyone to be safe and most of all enjoy being back in that glorious water. 

Keep Smiling

Thea (Covid Lead)