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Training details From 19th July

Thea Beament

Dear Parents/carers,swimmers

Hope everyone is keeping well.

Great news re restrictions lifting from 19th July, but as you all know there are still plenty of infections around particularly in the Bristol area. 

Both leisure centre changing rooms and spectator areas will be open. Entry and exits will be through the normal doors. At Keynsham if it’s busy at the top of the stairs when you exit you can go out through the fire exit. ( the door you used to go through when you arrived) I would suggest your swimmer still comes pool ready if easier.

Both leisure centres are saying masks are advisory.

We have decided to continue with lane bubbles as much as possible until the 16th August 

This is for two main reasons.

  1. Infection numbers remain high.
  2. Close contact isolation remains in place for all under 18’s until 16th August. The swimming club will no longer be responsible for contact tracing but will be expected to engage with and support nhs track and trace when requested. Therefore we may be asked to isolate  close contacts within the club if there is a positive case. We do not want to increase risk and chance of isolation during the summer holidays.

Please note as from Monday 19th July parents are to  be responsible for their children before and when they leave the poolside (including the changing rooms as there will no longer be Covid reps) 

Our suggestion would be to social distance and continue to wear masks on the balcony and changing rooms until 16th August if you want every chance of having a summer holiday. 

We all look forward to seeing everyone back to as nearly normal and I’m hoping that I will soon be able to retire from my job as Covid Lead 🤞🤞.

Thankyou so much for your cooperation.