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Swimming officials and timekeeper training - KASC needs you!

Chris Metcalfe

Congratulations to Tanya and Paul who have been awarded their Judge 1 official’s qualification. They will soon be striding out poolside, feeling powerful in their white outfits.

For KASC to continue to enter galas and open meets, and run our own galas to a standard our swimmers deserve, we need you to train as an official.

Judge J1 training is for those with swimmers who are entering open meets. Training is free, and involves an online course completed at times to suit you, followed by poolside experience when you are at meets and galas.

Timekeeper training is for those with swimmers who enter our own galas, team galas and club championships. This is a short online course costing £5 (which you can claim back from the club) followed by a session of poolside mentoring.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about training as an official, or would like to put yourself forward.

Chris Metcalfe (KASC Secretary & Somerset ASA Officials’ co-ordinator: [email protected])