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Thea Beament
Hi Parents and Carers
I hope everyone is well and your swimmers are enjoying their sessions.
I wanted to give you all some info about our club and how it’s run.
Keynsham is a very old family orientated successful club. Our major sporting success is that we have been part of Siobhan O Connors silver Olympic journey and we are very proud of that. Plus we have had numerous swimmers swim nationally over the years and a few internationally. We are also very proud of the fact that we are an inclusive club coaching at every level. The club has been around now for about 70 years. It was founded by our sadly deceased past president Jean Findlay who coached well into her 70’s.
The coaches of the pre lims, age group and fitness squads are all volunteers who kindly give up their free time to coach our swimmers. We have always relied on our volunteer parents and helpers both on the coaching side and running the club. 
Three of our coaches have been coaching for over 30 years. One of them is me and I just wanted to tell you how I got involved and hope  it inspires some of you to take on this very  rewarding journey.
When my children joined the club in 1992 at 7 and 9 I used to enjoy watching them but felt frustrated that I was sat on a hot balcony when I felt I could be on the pool deck helping out. So I asked if I could help and that started my involvement. It was nerve wracking at first as I wasn’t sure of all the rules and strokes. But with the help of the other coaches I learnt so much. I got qualified and then I wanted to do more so I got more qualifications to become a level 3 coach. Lynne who you often see, joined me in getting her level 3 and with Kay’s help we ran the club coaching  for a good number of years. Long after our children left and moved on.
I retired and now I’ve come back with the grand kiddies to help where I can, as Lynne has. Kay has never stopped she is amazing.
Vics and Verity who run the pre lims and juniors respectively are ex club swimmers with Keynsham. Both giving up their time for the swimmers. Both so dedicated and passionate. 
We really need more parents to get involved, not necessarily as crazily as we all have but just for an hour a week would be bril.
If you feel that that is something you would like to do please get back and I can pass you on to our volunteer coordinator and we can start the process of getting you on the poolside. 
If you already have a swimming teaching qualification please please give us an hour of your time. We know everyone is busy but if you are at the pool anyway why not help. 
Anyway if you feel you can help please let us know, we would be so grateful.
Thanks Thea