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Pool opening date announced

Thea Beament

Dear Swimmers, parents/carers

Opps in my excitement I sent the last email out by mistake ūüėú

Hope you are all staying safe and well.

As you can imagine we have been anxiously waiting for details from the government of when the pools may open.

Finally a date was announced today at 5pm for pools to start opening from 25th July.

We would just like to reassure you that our committee will be working very hard with the pool providers to ensure a safe way back to training. The pools have informed us this may take some time as they work through their procedures. As soon as they have and we have gone through our risk assessment with them and they are happy for us to return, we will be contacting you with finer details of how and when you can get back in the pool. I wish I could give you a timeframe but the pool operators cannot let us know this at the moment. As soon as information becomes available I will be able to update you. 

In the meantime land training is restarting for some squads after a thorough risk assessment has now been completed by our welfare officers. This will be implemented for the safety of our swimmers at every session.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding during this time. 

Thea (covid lead)