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Keeping your Information Safe and Sound

At Keynsham Amateur Swimming Club we take your privacy seriously.

The notices on this page explain how we may use personal information we collect before, during and after your association with us. This applies to you if you have registered to become or are a member of our club, are a parent/guardian of a member of our club, or volunteer with us. We explain here how we comply with the law on data protection, what your rights are, and, for the purposes of data protection, we will be the controller of the personal information we hold.

Firstly, our privacy principles are summarised as follows:

To see the full details of our approach to privacy, please select the document that best describes your relationship with us in the following table:


Data Protection Policy

Anyone involved in helping to run Keynsham Amateur Swimming Club is expected to manage personal information in accordance with the club's data protection policy.

A summary of the club's data protection policy can be found here

And the full version of the document can be found here