The President, President Elect, Secretary, Treasurer and the Secretary Media Relations Committee are ex-officio members of all Standing Committees except the Swimming Officials Examination Committee

Media Relations Committee (all ex-officio)

Hon Secretaries of all Standing Committees 

General Purposes Committee (5 Posts)
Andy Woska, Flo Barnes, Gillian Neal, Leah Pullen, Sam Whitmore
Finance Committee (Treasurer, Asst. Treasurer + 4 Posts)
Phil Prentice, Flo Barnes, Sam Whitmore, Evelyn Ingleton, President & Secretary
Masters Committee (sec + 3 posts)
Susie Breslin (Sec),  Ian Woollard
Swimming Committee (Sec, Asst Sec, Comp. Sec, County Coach + 7 Posts)
Marc Barrot (Sec), Leah Pullen (Secretary Competitions), Gillian Neal, (Asst Sec) (Chris Pullen + 2 Posts - County Coach), Sofia Whittles, Pam Crofts, Brian Knapp, Andy Dixon, Jeanette Edmiston, Flo Barnes, Alicia Lai
Swimming Officials (Sec + 6 Posts)
Pam Crofts (Sec), Andy Dizon, Brian Kapp, Gillian Neal, Jacek Reder, Marc Barrot, Ralph Shortland (Advisor)
Championship Liaison Committee
The Secretary, Secretaries of Diving, Masters, Swimming, Synchronized Swimming, Water Polo Committees and Trophies Secretary.
Artistic Swimming Committee (Sec + 5 Posts)
Charlotte Lea
Water Polo Committee (Sec + 5 Posts)
Representatives from Clubs competing in MCASA Water Polo Championships
Fred Willey
President, Secretary, Trevor Hyde, Frances Prentice
Dispute and Discipline
Tony Burton, Jeanette Edmiston, Maria Abrams
Open Water
Brian Kapp, Sam Whitmore, David Skinner, Evelyn Ingleton
Para Swimming
Brian Kapp, Leah Pullen, Frances Prentice