Middlesex Masters Inter-County wins Third

Leah Pullen

This year’s event made history as it was the first time that all 33 Counties across the country entered a team into the competition.

The Masters Inter-Counties competition, which began in 2000, has 72 events all of which are 50m’s with competitors ranging from 18 years old all the way up to the 75+ Years category.

After a number of years either without a team or with a very last-minute team, Middlesex were able to field 30 swimmers for the 2022 Masters Inter-Counties. Swimmers from Teddington, Barnet Copthall, Otter, Out To Swim, Hackney, Enfield, Brompton and Cally swim clubs trekked across London to race at the LAC, a rarity for masters swimming.

Unfortunately, due to illness, some swimmers needed to drop out which depleted the team. But knowing how important it was to the squad, Middlesex’s swimmers stepped up with some racing events they hadn’t swam in years.

For once, events were spread out between swimmers, so they could max out each 50 and there was plenty of fast swimming, including seasons and personal bests. 

On the day, Middlesex finished 2nd in the South East region behind Hampshire. Nationally the team secured 3rd place with Devon winning overall. This result far excided expectations and was the cherry on top of the cake for all the swimmers.

We had regional wins in the following events

Christine Porter – 55yrs+ 50 Freestyle

Gina Heyn – 35yrs+ 50 Breaststroke

Men’s 220yrs+ 4x50 Freestyle Relay (Craig Bransby, James Hobsley, Mark Reynolds and Mark Deakin)

Gina Heyn – both the 18yrs+ and 35yrs+ 50 Butterfly

Will Roberts – 35yrs+ 50 Freestyle

Women’s 72yrs+ 4x50 Medley Relay (Hannah Nicol, Pixie Lale-Klasicki, Gina Heyn, Hannah Loughlan)

Chris Kaethner – 65yrs+ 50 Breaststroke

Gina finished top nationally in the 35yrs+ 50 breaststroke as did the Men’s 220yrs+ 4x50 freestyle relay.

A great result for Middlesex and hopefully a high standard for the team to emulate in years to come!

Many thanks go to the club reps who helped round up swimmers, Ian for organising the officials and helping with the handover of team organiser to myself, Gina, and to Neil and Richard for officiating on the day and Vicky for being team manager on the day.


Team roster

Aaron Pullen

Christine Porter

Christopher Kaethner

Craig Bransby

Derek Parr

Ed Hole

Elaine Blower

Fraser Peh

Gina Heyn

Hannah Loughlin

Hannah Nicol

Helen Barrison

James Hobsley

Laure Kearns

Leon Smith

Liz Tarr

Mark Deakin

Mark Reynolds

Martin Sartorius

Matt Wan

Melissa Cannon

Pixie Lale-Klasicki

Robyn Carter

Sally Tutt

Sara Perry

Sean Mcquaid

Steve Folsom

Sue Procter

Wade Rimbach

William Roberts


Swim England National Masters Inter-County Competition 2022 standings

  1. Devon 1972
  2. Hampshire 1929.5
  3. Middlesex 1904
  4. Yorkshire 1878
  5. Warwickshire 1837.5
  6. Cheshire 1745
  7. Berkshire and South Buckinghamshire 1730.5
  8. Surrey 1696.5
  9. Gloucestershire 1680
  10. Sussex 1637
  11. Kent 1603
  12. Bedfordshire 1387
  13. Nottinghamshire 1240.5
  14. Swim England Hertfordshire 1200
  15. Somerset 1195.5
  16. Staffordshire 1138
  17. Essex 1137
  18. Dorset 1096
  19. Norfolk 1061.5
  20. Oxfordshire & North Buckinghamshire 933
  21. Wiltshire 896
  22. Cambridgeshire 870
  23. Northumberland and Durham 868.5
  24. Suffolk 864
  25. Derbyshire 860
  26. Leicestershire 850
  27. Cornwall 835
  28. Worcestershire 764
  29. Shropshire 710.5
  30. Northamptonshire 682.5
  31. Lincolnshire 648.5
  32. Cumbria 384.5
  33. Lancashire 284