Alice Tai of Ealing SC takes silver in the final of the Women’s S8 50m Freestyle

Leah Pullen

Alice Tai continued her impressive form from this week with a hard-fought silver medal in the final of the Women’s S8 50m Freestyle.

After being behind at the breakout, with Tai still adapting her starts technique post-amputation, she quickly moved up alongside the leaders as the halfway stage hit. Both her and Cecelia Jeronimo De Araujo of Brazil moved away from the chasing pack to battle it out for the gold medal with the wall in sight.

It was towards the touch where the Brazilian made her move in the gold – having the better finish of the two and leaving Tai to touch for silver.

It’s the first time since 2019 that Tai has made it onto a world podium in the event – an achievement which she was happy to speak about when giving her thoughts on her performance following the race.

“That was super close, everyone swam really well on the heats and everyone’s come on leaps and bounds - this has been announced as a Paralympic event so more people are training it, even the non-sprinters.

“It’s a season’s best time, I’ve moved it on from this morning so medals are a bonus. I’m tired but happy! I want to keep racing, it’s so much fun and I’ve missed it.

“My starts are probably my biggest flaw for my 50, I dive in and I’m behind the leader already so that’s a huge thing for me to work on further in the gym with some movements and get it as quick as possible - there is gains to be had there and it’s given me a lot of optimism for next season.”