Anti-Doping Rules

British Swimming (and its members ASA, SASA and WASA) is a member of FINA. FINA are an international body responsible under the World Anti-Doping Agency Code for regulating doping control on all the aquatic disciplines. 

The British Swimming Anti-Doping Rules are based upon the rules produced by UKAD which have been drafted to implement any amendments to the Code. The rules have been adopted to impose clear prohibitions and controls on doping in the sport of swimming in accordance with the mandatory provisions of the WADA Code.

The British Swimming Anti-Doping rules apply to:

  • All athletes and athlete support personnel who are members of British Swimming and/or ASA, SASA or WASA
  • Any member or affiliate organisations
  • Any licensees of British Swimming
  • Any of the home nations (including any clubs, teams, associations or leagues)
  • Any participating person in activities organised, convened, authorised or recognised by British Swimming or any of the home nations
  • Any other athlete or athlete support personnel who by contract is subject to the jurisdiction of British Swimming for purposes of Anti-Doping

It is the personal responsibility of each athlete and athlete support personnel to acquaint him/herself and comply with the British Swimming Anti-Doping Rules.

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