PLEASE NOTE: If you or a member of your household have a cold, fever, anosmia, or any signs or symptoms of COVID-19, you will not be permitted to enter training facilities or to attend training sessions. You should self-isolate for two weeks and you are therefore not permitted to attend training for two weeks.

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Senior Coaches

Head Coach - Noel Horton

A former swimmer with City of Manchester and Oldham Metro, Noel has previously coached at a range of clubs gaining much experience to bring to his role here at Maxwell.

His vision for Maxwell is to challenge to be top club in the ONB County area, develop the club with its ability to home-produce its own swimmers from bottom to top and create an environment all swimmers of all ages and ability can continue to thrive in the sport they love.

Most recently, Noel was Head Coach at Burnley Bobcats. Within 4 years the club attained a top 5 position in Lancashire in both open and age group categories, produced multiple national champions and medallists with a further three swimmers representing both England and Great Britiain on a junior international level. The club grew from a small county standard club to housing some of the best swimmers in the region.

Noel was previous Assistant Head Coach at Swim Trafford where he oversaw junior development from the local network clubs into the age group squads in the Borough Training Scheme (Swim Trafford), where he produced multiple national champions and medallists.

Noel has made representation on various Swim England Talent Programmes, through his work at placing swimmers on these programmes both at age group and youth level. 

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Aylesbury Lead Coach/Assistant Head Coach - Sophie Elgar

Sophie is a previous ex-Maxwell Swim Club competitive swimmer, having spent over 15 years at the club. Previously being the head of our development groups, Sophie has proven her ability to produce technically efficient swimmers en-masse. Sophie has mentored and developed swimmers and coaches alike, developing her own tools to instill a hard work ethic and exceptional skill base in our younger swimmers.

Sophie is charged with overseeing the development of our Aylesbury based Regional, County A and County B Squads as well as actively developing and mentoring all our junior coaches and swimmers at both sites.

 Along with Bill and Danni, she guided our 13 and under swimmers of the club to the Top Junior Club Trophy for the ONB County Championships in 2020, the first time this has been achieved since 2012.

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Buckingham Lead Coach/Assistant Head Coach - Bill Elgar

Bill is a legend here at Maxwell, having coached, mentored and developed swimming talent for more than 10 years. His cheerful and ever happy demeanor do not detract from his outstanding record of coaching, all the way to British Nationals and beyond.  Bill has international experience having  been selected as a National Team swimming coach for the Great Britain disability swim team.

Bill is the lead coach for the Buckingham branch of the club, in conjunction with Noel, overseeing the development of swimmers from the​Academy through to his Regional Squad at both Stowe Pool and Swan Pool. He leads up our Buckingham based Regional, County A and County B Sqauds.

Along with Sophie and Danni, he guided our 13 and under swimmers of the club to the Top Junior Club Trophy for the ONB County Championships in 2020, the first time this has been achieved since 2012.

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Junior Development/Platinum Squad Coach - Danielle Richards

Danni is a previous ex-Maxwell Swim Club National Qualifying swimmers, swimming swim the club for 10 years before transitioning into her coaching role.

Danni shows a great desire and want to be a great coach, supporting Noel with the Performance Squad sessions, while getting involved with all parts of the club to ensure the transition of our Academy Swimmers into the Development Squads is efficient and seemless tocontinue to produce the best possible swimmers.

Danni is charged with writing and managing the scheme of work for both Buckingham and Aylesbury Junior Development programmes while actively leading the Aylesbury Junior Development and Platinum Sqauds. She works very closely with Shahid Qadar who runs the Buckingham Junior Development and Platinum Squads.

Along with Bill and Sophie, she guided our 13 and under swimmers of the club to the Top Junior Club Trophy for the ONB County Championships in 2020, the first time this has been achieved since 2012.

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Bronze, Silver and Gold Lead Coach/Head of Academies - Ally Brewer

Ally became a member of the club through her son's swimming, developing her skill base to becoming a teacher and coach under the tutelage of Janko and later Kevin Brookes. Ally works closely with all the senior coaches, particularly Danni, on writing the scheme of work and pathyway through the Academies. Ally has successfully developed all the swimmers in the current competitive squads providing the base level of skills for the swimmers to progress to their maximal potential.

Ally is charged with welcoming new swimmers to the club, assessing and allocating squads place to the swimmers and dealing with all enquiries into the Academy. Ally oversees and mentors all the coaches in the Academies and manages all enquiries and queries.

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