Admin Information

Please select from the sub-menu for info and guidance for parents / guardians of Maxwell swimmers.  

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] and if there is any information that is not included and that you would like to see then please let us know.


Help our Administrators

You can help our administrators by doing just a few little admin tasks on your end as a member or parent.

We ask that you regularly check your TeamUnify account and (if applicable) your childrens member profiles on your TeamUnify account to make sure the details inputted are up to date.

If there are details that need changing for example contact details, medical information, separate notes you wish to be stored for us to keep logged there, please make sure you update your account and member profiles (for swimmers/volunteers) as soon as possible.

You can also help our administrators by paying your invoices as soon as possible if you still pay by bank transfer, it would help us even more if you could set your card up on your TeamUnify for automatic billing.

You can also help us by completing any sign ups and registrations as soon as possible, whether that be as soon as released or as soon as you're sure of your intention for that sign up. This prevents late meet entries, time for our administrators to put the required processes in place depening on the activity or sign up and also allows for us to fix any issues if need be once registrations are in on time.