Leaving Maxwell

If you are thinking about leaving the club and your decision is based on something a coach may be able to help with, please discuss it with them in the first instance. If your decision is due to financial hardship, please talk to our Welfare Officer or Treasurer (in confidence) as we have a bursary system in place to help those in genuine need.

If your issues cannot be resolved and you still wish to leave the Club you will need to inform the Membership/Operations Secretary of your decision, by contacting [email protected] . They will then check your account balance, and remove your swimmer from the Squad list. 

Refunds on Annual Maxwell Membership Fees (due 1 October for the swimming year September to August) are not given regardless of when you leave the Club and the full month's fees will be payable for the month you are leaving. Please settle any outstanding payments before leaving, as if you wish to transfer to another club, the ASA will not allow you to register until this is done. Please don't forget to call the bank to cancel your standing order if you still pay via bank transfer/standing order.

If you are joining another club, then you will be able to take your ASA membership with you, so you will need to advise your new club of your ASA number, and tell them that you wish for them to pay your ASA renewal fee on your behalf when it comes to renewal time (usually January each year). If your new club wishes to liaise with Maxwell on transferring your ASA membership to them, then please contact [email protected]