Our COVID-19 Response

Lewis Baybutt
For months now life has not been “normal”! Washing our hands every 5 seconds and distancing ourselves from friends. It has been a very odd way of life! However, here at Maxwell we consider it important that we have tried to react positively to the challenges the virus has thrown up. Our home training program has met with fantastic support from the swimmers and even one or two parents! Equally we have managed the process of returning to the pool as carefully as possible, keeping swimmers safe but maintaining the sense of fun and enjoyment that our sport is all about.
Taking a look back over the time that we have been away from the pool, there has been so many different things going on to keep the club alive and to keep everyone active and still involved.  Zoom became a huge part of all of our training with all of the coaches getting involved and leading training direct into our living rooms!
In addition during lockdown, we took the opportunity to updated our website, improving our platform and ability to communicate new timetables and other training news plus latest updates from Swim England about when we could return to training in the pool. Maxwell is very proud of the energy and enthusiasm that has been shared with countless ideas and initiatives - quiz’s, scavenger hunts, weekly challenges, food challenges, Bill’s news and daily question, CrossFit sessions, weekly coach group chats, water safety course, conference calls with Olympian Hannah Miley, parents and coaches completing on line J1 assessments… the list goes on. Thank you to all the coaches and volunteers involved and to the swimmers and parents for their fantastic support and encouragement in truly difficult times.
Sadly, COVID is still with us. However, Maxwell coaches and committee will continue to work as hard as they can to provide the very best possible swimming program. In uncharted territory we will remain as safe, proactive and fun as possible. Things are changing petty quickly with new directives and guidelines being given to us, it seems like, every day! We will do our very best to keep you all updated as the situation changes and evolves.
If you have any ideas, thoughts or queries do let us know. We will be pleased to hear from you.
Thank You
Maxwell Swim Club Ltd.