New - On-line training for Officials, we need more of you!

Sue Ashworth (Treasurer Role)

We urgently need to increase the number of trained officials within our club.

Please will you help?



As you know, Maxwell swimmers train to compete, and our fantastic Maxwell meets and SPLASH galas help finance our club.   We don’t know how soon we will be able to run our meets again, or the exact format they will take, but we want to do all we can to enable swimmers to do what they love. 



It’s never to early or to late to learn.   Training is open to parents; grandparents; coaches; swimmers or volunteers aged 15+.  

Ideally, we should have several trained officials from every squad, but we would especially welcome volunteers related to our younger swimmers, as you are the future of our club.    



The first rung of the officiating ladder is to become a "J1" (Judge, level 1).  This is split into two parts - theory and poolside practicals.   

If you sign up now, then you can undertake the theory training on-line, in your own time.   You will learn about timekeeping, and how to judge whether a turn is valid.  This is useful knowledge for all swim parents and coaches and is also open to swimmers aged 16 and over. 

Coaches Shahid and Sally have just completed the theory part of the course.  Shahid says…. "The theory part of the J1 training allowed me to learn so much technical information about competitive races.  It is also helpful into giving an insight on how swimmers can be disqualified and the process for this, which will help me to pass on these skills to the swimmers and improve their stroke as well as ironing out the risk of getting disqualified, which is especially a worry of our younger swimmers. As the theory part is all online you've got nothing to lose. Give it a go and see what new skills or ideas you pick up!"

We hope will provide you with a lifelong interest – you never know where it might take you!.  



The cost of the course is £20, but currently this will be covered by SwimEngland (Oxford and North Bucks (ONB) County) via a voucher scheme.  There are quite a few steps to go through.  Please don’t be daunted, I have it on good authority that it’s not as bad as it sounds, and if you find it tricky at any stage we are here to help

We've explained the 10 steps below, but if anybody has any problems with obtaining the voucher, or at any other stage, then PLEASE let us know.  We need you to train, and we don’t want it to fall over due to any problems with communication or financing.   

(FYI Coach Shahid managed steps 1-7 in less than 48 hours which is a record, and Sally said the on-line training at Step 6 took just a couple of hours). 


Here are the 10 steps…

1.       Let us know that you are willing to train  by contacting Janet, our officials co-ordinator, on [email protected]

2.       Obtain a Swim England membership number if you don’t already have one (for yourself, not your swimmers).  If you don’t have one already, then we will get one for you – please register on TeamUnify as a volunteer so we have the necessary information.   (NB You register in the same way as you registered your swimmers by clicking here and ticking ‘volunteer’ rather than ‘swimmer’.  We will acknowledge your registration and it then usually takes just a few days for your SwimEngland number to come through.)

3.       When you have your SwimEngland number, you will need to register with the course provider, Institute of Swimming (IoS), by clicking here(NB If you are a coach, then you are probably registered already – please check.)  

4.       Email our ONB County Officals Co-ordinators, Felicity and Karen, at [email protected] to let them know that you wish to undertake the training and have registered with IoS.   In the email please include the information you gave during the IoS sign-up (the email you signed up with, your date of birth and your Swim England/ASA membership number). They will then issue you with a voucher to pay for the course.

5.       Once you have the voucher, sign up for the course here:  Swimming Technical Officials - Judge 1 Theory using the voucher code as payment.  (NB the registration link is at the bottom of the page) 

6.       Undertake the online theory training as and when you have the time.   Ideally, we would like you to complete both the Timekeeping and Turns theory modules during lockdown, so that we can hit the ground running and organise your practical training when we are back in the pool.

7.       On completion of the course you will be issued with a certificate which you need to upload to

8.  You will then be sent your workbook and can begin your poolside training. At this stage, contact Felicity and Karen ([email protected]) again to let them know you have completed the training and they will assign you a tutor.  Please also let Janet know ([email protected]).

9.    Congratulations on getting this far!   We will now sort out your mentoring/practical experience, either at galas and/or club training sessions You will be sent a workbook so you can record practical experience.   (NB Currently, the practical requirements are to complete a minimum of 15 hours poolside mentoring (within 11 months) covering all strokes and relay takeovers.   If all goes to plan, we will be able to provide these opportunities in our club, at galas and/or  poolside during regular training sessions.) Once you have done the required number of hours and proved your competency you will be issued with your licence.

10.  Collect your Maxwell Officials t-shirt, as modelled above by Felicity and Mark Govan.   


Thank you.