Covid-19 Pool Information

Maxwell Swim Club Ltd. continues to monitor the Covid-19 pandemic with regards to risk of transmission and impact against the members of the club and wider community. Our protocols and policies are set out within guidance set out by the governing body, Swim England, but are also dependent on advice from the UK government and the situation in the local community and region.

Original Covid-19 protocols and policies *

Maxwell Swim Club Ltd. Covid-19 protocols to commence 19th July 2021


* The policies and content below are historical from periods where COVID-19 restrictions were at an increased amount than at present. These are still being made available for reference purposes however these are not currently in place. Please see the documents above for information regarding current pool policies and procedures with relation to COVID-19.

Swimmers are unable to enter a training facility without completing a club registration or Covid-19 registration which allows for agreement to Covid-19 policies and protocols.