COVID-19 Pool Information

Notice for Stowe parents: In line with policies set out by Stowe Estates you must no longer park by the 'arches' or use the grounds as a public park. You must park in the National Trust car park. This is being enforced in anticipation for the return of Stowe School students who will have to isolate on the school grounds. You may leave the site but please do not stray far from Stowe School in case of the event of an emergency. Thank You.

The COVID-19 Agreements Registration Process for Members Who Haven't Completed Yet:

You must complete the online COVID-19 registration process. You can find out how to complete this process by following the 'How to Complete the Online Registration Process?' 'How-To?' guide. 

Note: If this is not completed successfully, we will not be able to allow your swimmer onto poolside to train.

COVID-19 Member Documents:

Maxwell Swim Club Ltd Member Handbook - Procedures & Agreements

Member Risk Declaration

Member High Risk Agreement

Advice for Members Returning to Training After Illness with COVID-19

Code of Conducts

COVID-19 How-To? Guides:

How to Complete the Online Member Survey?

How to Complete the Online Re-Registration Process?

Training Documents:

The following sheets must be printed at home and brought to training every session.

RMAP Pre-Pool Sheet

Post-Pool Cooldown Sheet